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Aswar Alkhaleej Est.Was established nearly a decade ago, specializing in maintenance and cleaning in various fields and contracting..We aspire to be one of the first leading companies in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Preventive maintenance is the process of checking the building on a regular, scheduled basis. All maintenance operations that we carry out are carried out by a team of skilled technicians equipped with the latest equipment, equipment and industrial tools, which guarantees the provision of the service provided with high quality and efficiency..
Curative maintenance is an ambulance maintenance that deals with a specific problem, such as a short circuit, a malfunction in the water pressure device, or a problem in the air conditioning system, where the technical team, after receiving the report, goes to the work site and solve this problem

The road network and all related facilities must be preserved in a similar condition during construction, to ensure the safety and comfort of road users. There must be clear and specific maintenance programs for any road in the network to avoid any traffic delays due to a defect. It is important that these programs cover all aspects of the road that include asphalt layers, concrete and steel structures, places of excavation and backfilling, places of water drainage, traffic signals and signs of all kinds, and afforestation.،
Otherwise, so that the growth of plants does not reduce vision distances. Special devices must be provided in the field of maintenance, such as snow removal devices or cleaning water streams, so that their unavailability does not cause traffic disruption..
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